Founded in 1979 Burmann Art Productions is the proud establishment of renowned Artist Kurt C. Burmann and wife Carol.  Producing and promoting an impressive list of famous works ranging from space art to subtle still life paintings.  From our humble beginnings in rural Michigan,  Burmann Art Productions excelled early on exceeding all expectations by reaching a magnitude of success and audiences.  From major publications, exhibitions, and museums world wide, including the Smithsonian Institution.


Culminating a pinnacle place in the space and astronomical industry, depicting numerous space art visuals, providing both educational and visionary elements.  Burmann Art Productions has since creatively branched into a diversity of unique and successful fine art genres.  Throughout the many years we have proudly indulged a large diversified  audience of art enthusiast, connoisseurs, collectors and people from all- walks-of-life  including many children and  prominent celebrities. 


Relocating to Scottsdale, Arizona in 1990 Burmann Art Productions has continued to strive for professional excellence in the field of fine art.  With continued success in both the creative and public arena offering some of the best in visual fine art available.  Our goal is to enrich the viewer with a compelling visual experience, accelerating the imagination and amplifying the senses.  May it be a surrealistic vision or a realistic interlude captivating a moment. 


Conveying a  feeling that moves ones spirit within, gratifying all aspects of life.